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7 Tips to Nail Your Wedding Photos! (Couples Edition)

You’re getting married! You’ve got the dress, the venue and all your friends are coming but you're nervous about getting wedding photos done. Here are 7 tips to help you relax and nail your wedding photos!

1. Hire A Professional Photographer

If you're nervous to get your photos taken and can fit a professional photographer into your budget, I'd highly recommend booking one! I know it might be tempting to save some money and get your friend to take your wedding photos. However, if they're not familiar with portraits, it can be a difficult experience for both parties. You aren't just hiring a professional photographer because they have professional gear and know what settings to use to take a photo. You are hiring them because they know the best location for photos, the best poses, where the best lighting is, how to edit the photos, and most importantly how to get those genuine reactions. They're there to guide you through the process and make sure you're comfortable and capture the best angles for the most flattering images.

2. Do An Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement sessions aren't just for the photos that announce "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED" on your wedding invites. They're a GREAT opportunity to get to know your photographer AND get comfortable in front of the camera BEFORE your big day. It's rare that I get a couple that is comfortable in front of the camera, hell, I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera. If you have the opportunity to meet your photographer and get your photos taken without the stress of the wedding day weighing down on you, you will be way more comfortable on your wedding day. A lot of photographers offer free engagement sessions in their photography packages but if they don't mention it, you should ask! They may be willing to toss in a free engagement session.

3. Pretend It's Just You And Your Partner

As a photographer, I find that candid photographs look better than overly posed images. One of the ways I capture these candid photos is by having my couples pretend I'm not there and telling them to just interact with each other the way they naturally would (obviously, I'm here to provide guidance to make sure their photos turn out great) but ignoring the photographer can make things more comfortable. Look at your partner, tell jokes, laugh, smile, kiss, and hold each other close. Those photos will turn out great!

4. Make A Game Of It

Expanding off the last tip, it's fun to make it a game with your partner before the shoot. Make a bet that you can make your partner laugh more than they can make you. Each of you will be doing whatever it takes to make the other laugh. Cracking lame jokes, bringing up embarrassing moments, or just making a funny face. In the end, it will likely make both of you laugh naturally which will create some great photos.

5. Do You Have A "Good" Side?

If you haven't thought about it before, it might be something to consider. Although you might not think you prefer one side over the other, I've found that some clients subconsciously favour one side of their face over the other. Whether it's a small scar you got when you were a kid or you got drunk a couple of days before your wedding, fell down, and have a black eye just in time for your wedding photos (yes this really did happen), if you do prefer to face one direction over the other it's important to tell your photographer this. That will ensure they place you correctly in relation to lighting and where they shoot from. This will also determine where others included in the photos will stand.

6. Grab a Drink

There is no question, a little (strong emphasis on a little) liquid courage will help. If you're nervous before your wedding or engagement photoshoot, bring a couple of drinks. Grab a sip here and there between shots. This should be a relaxing laid-back experience so just treat it like you're hanging out with your partner and having a drink or two! You can even incorporate these drinks into your wedding or engagement photos.

7. Be Weird And Have Fun

Your wedding day is all about fun, love, getting together with family and friends, and starting a journey with your partner. Or maybe it's just about bringing all your closest friends and family together to do keg stands in your backyard while you shoot off fireworks. Whatever it is, just enjoy it. Don't worry about things not going to plan, timings falling behind, or your uncle Chad getting blackout drunk. Be weird, have fun, laugh a lot, and I promise you your photos will turn out great.


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