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My Wedding Photography Gear 2022

When it comes to wedding photography I keep my setup pretty minimal. I find it can overwhelm me when I have a lot of gear at a wedding. I'm constantly overanalyzing the venue, distances, lighting, lens capabilities, flashes, lighting, etc... to the point where I am never satisfied with my choice of gear. So, I make it easy for myself and only bring a small amount of gear and make it work! Really, all you need to shoot a wedding is one camera and one lens. However, I do recommend having a backup camera and lens just in case something happens to your main camera. Here is a list of my wedding photography gear


Canon 5D Mark IV

The Canon 5D Mark IV is my go-to camera. This full-frame beast shoots 30mp photos, has pretty good low-light capabilities and has a great dynamic range. The autofocus is fast and the image quality is sharp. This has been my main camera body since 2019 and when I do upgrade to a mirrorless this will still continue to be my second camera body.

Canon 760D

The Canon 760D camera is not well known because it often goes by the name Rebel T6s. This is an entry-level camera but still has a ton of great features and captures stunning images. This was the first camera that I shot on and I've kept it as a backup camera. It shoots 24mp photos that are sharp and detailed. The main downside to this camera is that it is a crop sensor so you lose some focal length, and it's not the fastest shooter. I'm looking to upgrade this camera with the Canon R6 Mark II when it's released.


Sigma 50mm f/1.4

This is my favourite prime lens I own, mainly because it's the one I've shot on the most. The f/1.4 is perfect for creating beautiful bokeh and it's great in low-light conditions. This lens has saved me a few times in very low light conditions when I didn't have a flash. It captures nicely sharp images and focuses quickly. The only downside is, it is large and heavy when compared to the Canon version.

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

This is my most used camera lens, especially for wedding photography. It is so versatile, having the ability to quickly capture wide shots at 24mm and then zoom in to photograph the finer details is so important in wedding photography. It's also a safe bet when you're not sure what lens to bring/use during the ceremony.

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

A long telephoto lens is a must in wedding photography. I've used this lens during almost every ceremony I've shot. I don't like getting all up in the grill of the bride and groom during the ceremony so I choose to slap on the 70-200 and position myself on the sides and back of the venue. With this long lens, I can easily capture nice close shots with beautiful depth and still stay out of the way!


You may be asking: "Who is Coiro? I've never heard of them" Well, maybe you have heard of them. I honestly hadn't until I did some google searching. I was looking for an affordable dual-camera leather harness. Everything that came up was from Holdfast and their Money Maker harness. Now, don't get me wrong I'm sure they make some amazing harnesses... but at the time I couldn't justify paying $500 CAD for a camera harness. Then I found Coiro and decided to give them a shot. I purchased their dual-camera harness for $120 CAD and man I am happy I did. This strap is so good! It's very nice leather, doesn't bleed, is durable, and I've had zero doubts about it breaking or dropping a camera. I'd highly recommend them, you can click the link above to check out the one I purchased.


Yongnuo YN585EX Wireless Speedlite Flash

My only off/on-camera flash I own. I should probably buy a second one but to be honest I don't do much off/on-camera flash. This camera flash is pretty good, I haven't used it much but when I have it's worked well for me. It just takes 4-AA batteries and the recharge time is fairly quick.

That's it! Simple little setup, for my BTS videos I use a GoPro but that has nothing to do with the client photos.

What gear do you use for wedding photography? What would you add that is missing?


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